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Software tailored
to your needs

Proffessional software developer for hire

Learn what I can do, to help your business grow faster.


Build small or large software, for exact speciffic role that your business needs.
Like a fine tailored suit.


Analyze IT workflow, needs, setups, hardware, software and costs.
I can help you build a road map to better understand what you need for your project.


Representative IT role.
Contact with teams, clients, etc.
Customer IT relations, business relations and more...


Work automation

Learn about how can you leverage your work by using custom made scripts.

Custom tailored scripts

I will help you analyse your most time consuming tasks and write scipts suited to your needs like excel parsers, automatic backups, custom linked actions and many more.

If you have any problem just contact me.
I will come up with the solution.

Website in a day

Tired of loosing precious time trying to set up a simple website?
Time is money - i belive that too. Ask me about "Website in a day" service.

Domain + Server on me

Set up domain, server and ssl.
Provide content and the same day the website will be up and running. You can provide them yourself or i can buy them on your behalf.

Wordpress or Mobirise

With many great Visual composers, Wordpress is extreamly easy to manage even without any prior experiance.
Mobirise gives beautiful websites out-of-the-box.


CSS & jQuery customization

Need to change just one color? Or animate just that one button?
No problem.
Right now.

Simple pricing

Simple and transparent pricing lets you evaluate costs easily. Same rate monthly. No need to worry about separate domain - server payments. Big discounts on up front yearly payments.

To contact me just send an email to:

or view my linkedin account:


Email: [email protected] 
Phone: +48 505 903 805

IT Help

Don't be afraid to ask for a discount!