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we make software.

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Learn what we can do, to help your business grow faster:


Build small or large software, for exact speciffic role that your business needs.


Analyze IT workflow, needs, setups, hardware, software and costs.
Code Review - know what you pay for before you buy.

Team Managment

Helping teams, dev-communicate
Development solutions and workflows. Kickstarting and bootstrapping work.


Work automation

Processes, processes processes...
The good ones, that automate your work.

Solutions that gets you more free time every day

We will analyse your most time consuming tasks and automate your needs f.e. excel parsers, automatic backups, custom linked actions and many more. We will show you tools that will speed up your business growth.

If you have any problem just contact us.
We will come up with the solution.

Website in a day

Tired of loosing precious time trying to set up a simple website?
Time is money - we belive that too.

Domain + Server

Set up domain, server and ssl.
Add content and the same day the website will be up.

Stable Frame

With tested solutions we make sure that you site is responsive, mobile friendly and bug-free


CSS/JS customization

Need to change just one color? Or animate just that one button?
Sure. No problem.

Simple pricing

Simple and transparent pricing lets you evaluate costs easily. Same rate monthly. Remember to ask for discounts!

To contact us just send an email to:


Email: [email protected] 
Phone: +48 505 903 805

Don't be afraid to ask for a discount!